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Grassroot Media Making in the favelas
of Rio de Janeiro

Santa Marta's Collective

In March 2020, we, from the collective of tourist guides of the Santa Marta community, decided to close our tourist information stand, which is where we serve thousands of tourists from several parts of the world. We closed because of social isolation. 

The collective is formed by 12 guides residents in the favela, accredited by the Ministry of Tourism. With the suspension of our professional activities, we were forced to fight for survival with other tools. In practice, this is the concept of professional reinvention.

We started to work in several areas, some opened small fruit and vegetable businesses, others went to the gastronomy field, or to manufacture homemade bread, and so on. However, with these activities, none of us managed to maintain the same income pattern we had in the past, as these are only palliative solutions for the pandemic. We are all looking forward to getting back to our activities in the field of ​​tourism, which is our thing, right? 

Well, what we really want is to continue showing our community, the type of urbanisation, its history, its social demands. We are currently developing, with partner support, virtual tourism, which consists of taking virtual tours. Anyway, we are used to fight, and we will overcome all these challenges.

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If you would like to get in touch with Santa Marta’s tour guides, please contact them via WhatsApp:

+55 21 983191388